Recent (Weeks 12-13) & Year-to-Date Expected Fantasy Points

Look at past posts for the methodology on how the expected fantasy points calculation was enhanced using historical trends for fantasy points based on air yards, yards after catch, yard line and touchdown ratios. Data was pulled using nflscrapR.

The first table is a shorter version with columns for expected fantasy points, actual fantasy points and the difference in total, for rushing and for receiving. The second table, which is much wider, includes all the individual components for the rushing and receiving calculations. Unfortunately, the data I have doesn’t differentiate between positions, so running backs, wide receivers and tight end are all in the same table.

The first set of tables are for Weeks 12-13. The second set have year-to-date numbers for Weeks 1-13. All tables are arrange by expected fantasy points per game (min 6 games) in descending order. They can also be sorted, scrolled and searched to your desire.

* EFP = Expected Fantasy Points

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