This site is dedicated to the analytical side of football, featuring original research and smart football analysis. This website is been run by a group of Data Scientist and experts, who are forming a Research & Development team together to analyze sports and especially football. 
PredictiveFootball.com was founded by a group of soccer freaks. With varying degrees of success, football betting initially provided a nice extra tension during hundreds of matches. As we got older we started to study the highest possible profit. Not obvious, but over the years we have been able to achieve our goal better and better. What started as a misguided ‘football gamble’ – hence our name – resulted in part of our group of friends in life as professional football bettor. We would like to share our acquired knowledge with you in this community. We do this through blogs and tips & tricks from experts. Finally, our mission is to connect football bettors and bring all the soccer knowledge there is to every bettor who is looking for betting tips and analysis.

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