Quarterback Expected Points Added Through Week 2

Here are the expected points added (EPA) numbers through Week 2 for quarterbacks with at least 20 passes. This week I arranged the leaderboard by expected points added per play (EPA/P), since efficiency, not volume, is my preferred way to view the impact quarterbacks have on the game.

Sam Bradford still sits atop after only facing the Saints, but now familiar names like Matt RyanDerek Carr and Tom Brady join him near the top. The most surprising name is Jay Culter, who performed well in his first start, especially in terms of limiting turnover and only losing a combined five yards (-2.3 EPA) on two sacks.

*I obtained all data, including EPA calculations, using nflscrapR.

*I also broke out interceptions, scrambles and fumbles from the passing/rushing number to emphasize the effect of these unique plays.

*Feel free to scroll to the right for more EPA details.

[table id=42 /]

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