WWSD Ep.1 – Evan Silva, Rotoworld

WWSD Ep.1 – Evan Silva, Rotoworld

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For the first full episode of What Would Sashi Do, we have the Godfather of Rotoworld, Evan Silva.

Evan and Kevin discuss Evan’s experience at the NFL Combine, lessons learned from reading about MLB rebuilding from Astroball, how to target players with a “growth mindset,” and which teams should consider tanking *spoiler alert: lots of them*.

They (briefly) discuss the analytical “Foil of the Week,” Dave Gettleman, and his curious comments about Eli Manning at the Combine.

In the WWSD segment, Evan and Kevin give the definitive answers on if teams should target future QB draft classes, how to look at the linebacker position, and how important are backup quarterbacks.

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Special thanks for Rotowear for the WWSD artwork.

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